Tower Of Power Speedy System

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We take the title “best on the planet” seriously. Our new Tower of Power system is:
•The Strongest system on the market.
•The most efficient food prep tool in the kitchen.
•The easiest kitchen equipment to clean and maintain.
•The most customizable/adjustable system on the market.
•Ergonomically superior for healthier kitchen staff
•And the Sexiest setup in the kitchen.
Squatch Tower Of Power Speedy System is CNC Machined in the USA using the best materials. 6061 Aircraft Aluminum, and medical grade 304 Stainless Steel. They are built to last with a lifetime guarantee to back it up(except for blades).
The Speedy Slicer is Fast, Efficient, Clean, and designed to be ergonomically superior to any other slicer on the market. The system includes: 1 Tower of Power($1200) 2 Speedy Slicers ($800 each) 1 Adjustable “TOP” Pedestal ($600)
The system is designed to be used in a rotational system. When a slicer comes off the quick change mounting system to be cleaned and inspected, it is replaced by the other slicer. That way you always have one in use and one ready to go. Think NASCAR wheels!! Quick and efficient.
The System offers adjustable heights of both the quick change slicer mount, and the TOP table attachment with a wide rotational range as well.
Slice into sinks, buckets, hotel pans, and bowls with ease and efficiency!!