The Need For Speed

Speedy, Systems -

The Need For Speed

Let me introduce you to “Speedy” the world of fast food hand-cut fries, Speedy is an Indy car!!

Our system comes with 2 quick change cutting units and a stand that saves time, money, and a whole lot of back pain. Not only that, our fry slicers are 100% waterproof so that every touch point is sanitized immediately after use...IN A DISHWASHER!! No more dusting off handles with a filthy dishrag...our units get thoroughly steam-cleaned with commercial sanitizing equipment. They are cleaned and inspected between uses while the matching unit is in operation.

You will never have to worry about product failure again. With 2 slicers being used in rotation, you will recognize the need for service prior to failure. This is proactive equipment management at its finest.

The ergonomically correct Squatch USA “Speedy” Fry Slicing System reduces operator fatigue and simplifies the process with fewer opportunities for error. This system eliminates in-house maintenance and focuses your staff towards higher production with quicker change over, clean up, and maintenance time. Your employees will enjoy the process of making hand-cut fries...we guarantee it!!