Memorial Day Sunday 2018

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Memorial Day Sunday 2018

Memorial Day Sunday of 2018, it was roughly 8:30 or 9 AM and I was laying on my hammock down by the water taking a nap. The neighbors had a party the night before and they sent their kids down to clean up for round 2. After some chatter and clanking around, I was startled awake when 3 trash bags of cans hit the asphalt about 60’ feet away from my head. With one swift motion I turned to see the kids walking back towards home, leaving the bags of cans next to the boathouse...and hanging on the wall right above the thin plastic Hefty kitchen-size sacks of off-shore Aluminum, was a simple crusher of cans.

It was at that moment I surveyed the yard, slipped out of my hammock and went to check out the now infamous Chinese Can Crusher hanging on the the neighbor’s boathouse wall. Standing there, next to 3 full bags of empty, uncrushed cans, I said to myself...”I’m gonna build a can crusher so badass that people will line up to crush cans...and I’m gonna make french fries too!”

That was just over 6 months ago and today I am proud to say,...that “we did it”...we built the best cotton-pickin’ manual crusher of cans, and maker of french fries, on the planet...and people are lining up to get their hands on one.

Who says that life ain’t’s just as damn fair as you want to make it...sometimes, you’ve just got change your disposition enough to see things from a different point of view. Amen