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Material World - Medical Grade Stainless Steel

When developing Squatch USA Crushers, one of the first things considered were the materials. Due to the extremely wide range of application areas of the end product, there were several factors to take into consideration...cost, durability, corrosion resistance, FDA approval rating, machinability, aesthetic appeal, availability, weight, and strength. All things considered, 304 Stainless Steel became the go to material for all load bearing components...handle extension, T handle, bearing rods, pins, and bolts. In fact, 304 SS was used for every heavy steel component accept the thumb screw on the consumer version of the product (we will talk about that one later).

304 Stainless Steel was selected for several reasons, but mostly because it is super resistant to corrosion and is extremely durable. 304 SS is the primary material used in making medical instruments and kitchen is FDA approved and readily available at a high, but reasonable cost.

The Squatch USA Crusher is the only manual hand crusher manufactured in the market today that incorporates a heavy amount of stainless steel in its is the only one designed for use in commercial kitchens for food preparation and the only one designed for use as a medical device in hospitals.

People ask why Squatch Crushers are the best on the planet, that’s’s because they are built with the best materials available and engineered to do a whole lot more than just crush cans!!