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Man Handle



Every element of the Squatch USA Crusher has a reason for being a part of this awesome product...some elements serve multiple purposes.

The T handle, in this case, is one of those pieces that does more than just give you something to hang on to...or use in a bar fight. The 3/4” hunk of 304 stainless man-handle is designed as a weight to give forward balance to the operator and to feel good throughout the motion of stroke. It allows for upward or downward shift of the hand without repositioning the metacarpals...but, one of the most important roles it plays, is one of safety. The T handle inhibits the idea of being able to use an extended pipe on the keeps the operator from ruining the product, voiding the warranty, or just plain busting themself in the chops. Knowing this would be the likelihood of any good testosterone filled man, we took this option off the table.

Now, we do offer a couple other handle options if 16” is not pleasurable enough for you. We offer accessory handles to increase the length to 20” and 24”. All you do is swap out the the T portion of the unit and you are good to go. Keep in mind though, that a wide range of tests were done using the standard 16” handle, making it the length of choice across the board. It also is more ergonomically correct for the natural motion of the average American body frame.

So, the next time you put your hands on the precious T handle of the Squatch USA Crusher, know that we were thinking of you. And, when you realize how amazing the stroke feels under your clinched knuckles...know that we actually care!!

Peace out friends...