Engineering -


When developing the original Squatch concept, we considered and tested multiple ways to crush a standard pop can. We looked at cam operated fixtures, rack & pinion set ups, and even powered lead-screw devices like a scissor jack. We considered hydraulic and pneumatic (air) cylinders, electric powered motors, and even suction devices. In the end, we chose the lever concept and here’s why.

1) We wanted our device to be usable anywhere, anytime with just the power of human touch…on the beach, in the woods, and in the house, kitchen, garage, barn, or even in the RV camper.

2) We wanted our device to be manufacturable…easy to make, but not cheap. We wanted our product to last a lifetime and to be handed down for generations…like the way things used to be built in America.

3) We wanted the function of our crusher to be simple enough for a child to use and safe enough that mom and dad wouldn’t have to worry.

4) We wanted our crushers to not only be dependable, we wanted them to be predictable. We knew they were going to be tough and knew that people would push them as far as they would go. So, we wanted to know where they would break first and have a plan to fix it…EASY!!

5) We wanted our can crushers to be serviceable. If things are going to last a lifetime, there are items that may need attention…bearings that need grease, bushings that need replaced, or wear plates that need changed. We wanted to be able to blast this thing with a hose or put its components in a sink or dish washer!!

6) We wanted our crusher to be cross-functional. From day one, we wanted a device that was not just used in the garage…we wanted to use it in the kitchen, in the bar, in the man cave, or even on the back hitch of a pick up truck at a tailgate party. We wanted our product to do more than crush cans…we wanted to make french fries, wedges, juice, sausage links, and patties. We wanted to tenderize meat, crush walnuts, and split wood.

People ask us…”Why is Squatch the ‘best built manual can crusher on the planet?’”…well, that’s a very easy question to answer. The answer is…”Squatch was not designed to be just a well built can crusher…it was designed to be so much more…it’s badass simple and it’s a LEVER!!”