Fall Apples & Cider Recipes

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Fall Apples & Cider Recipes

Nothing says Fall in the midwest like the changing colors of the leaves, flannel, and the smell of a campfire or wood-burning stove. Autumn also brings lots of foods and drinks in to season. For some, the food that comes mind may be pumpkin, such as pumpkin pie, pumpkin sweet roll, or the infamous Pumpkin-Spiced Latte... but for me, it's apples. From caramel apples and apple crisp(preferably oat-less) to Grandma's apple pie and of course hot apple cider.

This Fall, our family went to a local orchard, picked a couple bushels of apples, and spent the rest of the day cooking up recipes.

My sister made apple crisp and homemade caramel. The boys crushed and pressed apples in an antique amish cider press that we picked up about a year ago.


We had a corer and peeler. We dipped fresh sliced apples in warm white chocolate. My brother-in-law and I discussed ideas for hard apple cider. Dad sliced up dozens of apples with my nephew on a Squatch! We passed around the fresh pressed apple juice, and collected recipes. I wanted to share a couple of recipes with you.

Now, if you have never made warm apple cider at home, prepare yourself, because it is delicious, and the aromas of fall will fill your house like a candle in every room.

There are a few different routes you can take. I'm going to give you a recipe to make homemade cider from scratch with whole apples. This can take a few hours, but it is about as authentic as it gets. Don't worry, I'll give you a quick and easy recipe that you can make in just twenty minutes or so.

Here we go...

Warn Mulled Cider 

Takes about 3 hours.


10-12 Apples

1/2 cup Sugar

1/4 cup Brown Sugar

1 tablespoon Cinnamon

1 tablespoon Allspice

a dash or two of Nutmeg(to taste)


I slice my apples with my Squatch using the 3/8 inch square slicer blades.


Place sliced apples in a large pot or crock pot. Add water until it covers the apples by about 2 inches. Bring to a Boil. Stir in spices. Boil(uncovered) for an hour stirring occasionally as needed.

At this point I like to add a few orange slices(optional)

Reduce heat, cover, and simmer for 2 hours.

Remove from heat and Strain. I recommend fine mesh or cheese cloth and a strainer. The solids can be used for other recipes but are usually discarded.

You are ready to enjoy your cider, but don't burn yourself!!

Cider can also be chilled for a later date!


Quick & Easy Warm Apple Cider

Now, if you are in a time crunch, or prefer a more simple and easy recipe, this one is for you.


1/2 gallon Apple Juice

2 teaspoons Cinnamon

1 teaspoon Brown Sugar

1 dash of Nutmeg

1 sliced Orange(optional)


You guessed it!! Add all ingredients to a pot or crock pot. Bring to temperature for 5-15 minutes and Enjoy!!



BONUS: Shortcut Cider

it doesn't get easier than this!!


Apple Juice

Red Hots Candy(to taste)


Bring to heat, stir until the candies dissolve and enjoy!!



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We would also love to hear your favorite recipes!!