Balance, Engineering -


So, let’s talk about BALANCE...

When it comes to Life, Mother Nature, or the world of physics, balance is the key. Balance is what keeps the earth spinning, the sun from burning, the ice from melting, the animals feeding, and life moving forward in general. Balance is what keeps lions and grizzlies from taking over the planet, and the lack of it is what killed the dinosaurs.

When it comes to balance, it just works on your home finances, in relationships, and in running this great country. Balance keeps us all in check, and so it does with the Squatch USA Crusher...balance just ‘feels good’!!

When designing our product, balance and weight distribution is the key to why it feels so good to crush a can...not too easy and not too hard. It feels smooth like riding in a tractor inner tube tire downhill into a river of bliss, and strong like riding a bull at the rodeo. I’ve said it before...crushing stuff is a primal’s got to FEEL good and that’s all about...BALANCE!!